Fitness Bootcamp – Corporate Event For Your Team Building

New Trend: Corporate Fitness Bootcamp

New Trend: Corporate Fitness Bootcamp

Ever wondered why more and more corporations and large companies are embracing corporate fitness bootcamp and encouraging it among their employees? Well, we’ve brought to you some basic facts that might get the wheels in your brain turning.

Benefits of Team Building Events

  • Improvement in team productivity
  • Practice of effective collaboration with members of your team
  • Motivates your work team
  • Improves the ambience and ‘joy’ factor in your workplace
  • Improves communication
  • Your employees can socialize and get to know each other well outside of the workplace

The Facts

World Health Organisation building

World Health Organisation building. Source: Yann Forget/wikimedia

According to the World Health Organization, physical inactivity is public health problem in all parts of the world. Of course, this has effects on living quality of both the individual and his or her family. However, it also leads to huge national losses in income and speedily rising hiring expenses for employers.

According to a report submitted in 2008 by the WHO and the World Economic Forum, over sixty per cent of worldwide deaths in 2005 could be attributed to diseases (non-communicable) like:

  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic Respiratory Disease

Because of this very reason, corporate fitness bootcamp is becoming more and more popular with organizations and businesses all over the world. Whether it’s a long or short fitness retreat, both large and small companies are realizing that corporate fitness bootcamp brings a ton of benefits for both employers and employees.

Why Corporate Fitness Bootcamp for Team Building

Corporate Fitness Bootcamp for Team Building

Corporate Fitness Bootcamp for Team Building

Corporate fitness bootcamp takes your employees out of their regular work environment and uses a new context such as an out-of-town resort set amidst nature and greenery to enable development and change. This lets participants become more receptive to learning more about each other outside the context of work, more as friends and less as colleagues. You’ll be surprised at the boost of productivity you’ll see in your office once your employees develop a good camaraderie.

Corporate fitness bootcamp lets employees relax and bond with each other while learning more about staying fit and healthy. Such activities promote team growth through participation of team members in an activity outside the workplace. It leads team members to believe that the company has its employees’ well-being in mind, further raising employee productivity.

Although some might feel that bringing the gym into the workplace is not quite right, it’s becoming a fast rising trend nowadays. Companies realize that providing personal training to their employees will reduce turnover rates and improve productivity, both of which mean higher profits for the organization.

Corporate fitness bootcamp exercises and skills are conceived specially to be useful in the workplace. Trainers are certified and experienced in applying team building principles to maximize the productivity of your work team and help them maximize the benefits of boot camp.

Get in touch with a reliable service provider to arrange for your corporate team to lose weight, become healthy, bond with each other, and have themselves a bit of fun along the way too! Fitness bootcamp is a great way to boost productivity in a work team that is not well-coordinated and has been sluggish of late.

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One Response to Fitness Bootcamp – Corporate Event For Your Team Building

  1. Chris says:

    I can agree so much with what this article is driving at. It is amazing that our lifestyles have become so stagnant that we even require corporate events to build our teams and increase our personal health through fitness and exercise. Regardless, here we are, and it is a good thing businesses are able to start fixing these problems. Just thinking about my own experiences working at Wal-Mart (I know, not exactly the high class profession or anything, but I am only 20!) as a cashier, and literally standing in one spot for hours and hours without much in the way of movement is a real killer. For the longest time my back began to hurt from the process as well, and mentally I started degrading because I was not really permitted to go anywhere else in the store and work, or even get a bit of oxygen in my head. Working is so much easier when people have the opportunity to move around, exercise, get the blood and oxygen flowing, and so on. It is amazing companies expect people to just be automata in the workplace, when that is simply not how human beings should function.

    In the end, I agree wholeheartedly with your summary. I think fitness bootcamp would serve a lot of good in the workplace, and inadvertently increase productivity and sales!

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