Fitness Bootcamp DVD – Can It Help To Get In Shape?

Fitness Bootcamp DVD - Will it help?

Fitness Bootcamp DVD - Will it help?

When you last checked your weight had you noticed that you had gain an extra few pounds. Are you at all concerned about this and so are looking for some way to get rid of them. Well using a fitness bootcamp DVD that your friend lent you may seem like the ideal solution to your problem. However as you will soon see from below that you may soon become disappointed with what it has to offer.

In fact the benefits that a fitness bootcamp have to offer unfortunately are not something that you will likely to experience at home. Okay your friend may say that they have seen results but are they really the kinds of results that you would expect to see by attending an actual bootcamp program that has been set up where you live.

What you need to remember is that in order for you to really reap the benefits of such training programs they need to provide some element of surprise to them. However when it comes to using any fitness bootcamp DVD to get you back in shape this won’t be the case because what you are doing is carrying out the exercises that are shown on it the same every time. However there are other reasons why using these types of DVD’s to get back into shape aren’t as effective as actually attending a proper bootcamp class.

Fitness Bootcamp - from the comfort of your home?

Fitness Bootcamp - from the comfort of your home?

Reason 1 – All the training at bootcamp revolves around group of people working together so making them motivate each other to achieve the right kinds of results. Certainly when you practice any kind of exercises involved in such programs together then you will help to push each other to your limits because you are all seeing the results that can be achieved. Whereas with a DVD you will often have to watch this on your own and so it only allows you to stick with just one of the main principles of this form of training.

Reason 2 – As we know any fitness bootcamp DVD is designed to allow you to practice workouts in the comfort of your own home. Although you can perform the different cardio and strength exercises in a closed environment it violates the very basics that make up any kind of bootcamp training. These types of fitness programs are designed to be performed outside and doing them inside only makes us dislike them more. As you will discover like so many other people attending a conventional fitness bootcamp offers an element of surprise to your training as you won’t be performing the same workout routines each time you attend.

Fitness Bootcamp DVD - great fun for couch potatoes?

Fitness Bootcamp DVD - great fun for couch potatoes?

Reason 3 – Whether starting out or have been getting fit for some time to perform all workouts correctly that revolves around fitness bootcamps you need expert supervision. Yes a fitness bootcamp DVD can provide you with lots of information, but won’t be able to check and then show you how to perform the various exercises to help you get in shape properly as an instructor can.

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One Response to Fitness Bootcamp DVD – Can It Help To Get In Shape?

  1. Don says:

    One of the core things I have been noticing about bootcamp fitness is that it comes in many shapes, forms, and varieties. I think the key to great exercise is inevitably the diversity. The way of pushing yourself into a “bootcamp” routine requires a lot of variety, though with some structure of course to push you and keep you focused. The humor about bootcamp DVD’s is the fact that you are now able to actively participate in these exercises from the comfort of your own home. Watching the DVD, with the many people on screen and your own “personal trainer” guiding you will definitely work for many people. I still don’t think it is quite the social experience as regular, in person experiences; but it can have its place none the less!

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