Fitness Bootcamp Ideas To Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life

A fitness bootcamp provides mental and emotional support

A fitness bootcamp provides mental and emotional support

Getting into shape takes a whole lot of commitment and power of the will. Finding the motivation to subject yourself to an intense workout in the little free time you have can be a serious challenge. Most people simply opt for the easy route, which is to just not do anything. The consequences of this attitude are extra weight gain and a physique that is unpleasing to look at in the mirror. As hard as it is to stay in shape, the process is a little easier if you have a small group of people to workout with. Being in a fitness bootcamp provides the mental and emotional support. If they can stick with it and gut it out, then so can you.

As a group, everyone should decide together and ahead of time what kind of workout they would like to do. While going to the gym is always an option, a much better idea is a fitness bootcamp. Anyone who has ever served in the military needs no introduction to the rigors of bootcamp training. This type of exercise utilizes natural movements and involves mostly body calisthenics and endurance conditioning. A bootcamp is used by the military because it works. This means it will work for you as well.

Fitness bootcamp trainings revolve around simple workouts. 

Fitness Bootcamp exercises can look simple

Fitness Bootcamp exercises can look simple

Fitness bootcamp ideas revolve around simple exercises. However, do not equate simple with easy. These workouts will put your physical and mental fortitude to the test. A fitness bootcamp should consist of push ups, sit ups, crunches and pull ups. If you have access to them, you can also rope climb and use monkey bars. The purpose of these movements is to build functional and core strength rather than muscle.

Another fundamental aspect to fitness bootcamp is conditioning. This means getting your heart rate up. Running is the most basic way to accomplish this. You can try short sprints with short rest periods in between. You can also run for longer distances at a more steady pace. If there is a hill nearby, you can run on an incline. Not only will uphill running do wonders for your conditioning, it will also give your calves a good workout. Running on the beach is also a good option. Running on the sand intensifies the process

Fitness Bootcamp Routines – Mix it up to keep it fresh!

Fitness bootcamp workouts - mix it up!

Fitness bootcamp workouts - mix it up!

If you need additional bootcamp ideas, there are so many other exercises. Mix it up to keep it fresh. Bear walking and crab walking are some ideas most people do not think about. Running while carrying a person in a fireman’s carry is an exercise that will not only boost your conditioning, it will prepare you to potentially save a life in a real emergency. Another bootcamp idea is the military low crawl. Crawl on your knees and elbows with your torso and head just inches off the ground. This exercise will get you dirty, and you may even swallow a little dirt, but it will get you into great shape.

These are just a few of the many fitness bootcamp ideas out there. Look online for other ways or come up with your own. Decide as a group what you would like to do. A fitness bootcamp is a great way for groups to get in shape together.

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One Response to Fitness Bootcamp Ideas To Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life

  1. Ben Joseph says:

    Interesting article on the apparent topic of your blog! The funnest part about bootcamp training seems to be how we perceive our environment. Since we are not forced to do “traditional” workouts, or even workout inside, we can start viewing the world as our playground so to speak. Ironically, you spoke about using monkey bars in this article, which are common place at local playgrounds anyways! I think we could learn a lot looking at how kids play as well. They are often very active, at least when at a playground, so why can’t us adults sort of replicate what they are doing in a more focused way? If working out and exercising in general can be fun like it used to be when we were kids, then I would find it so much easier to get into the exercising mindset.

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