Fitness Bootcamp For Kids

Fitness Bootcamp for Kids

Fitness Bootcamp for Kids

Enrolling your child in a fitness bootcamp for kids is a perfect way to ensure that he or she gets ample physical activity as suitable for his or her age. This is important to ensure that your kid remains healthy and does not turn into couch potato who spends the whole day watching TV, browsing the net or playing video games. The unhealthy modern-day lifestyle and poor eating habits have exposed children to a greater risk of becoming obese and developing various diseases such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol very early on in their lives.

One of the best ways to combat this is by making sure that your child indulges in some moderate aerobic activity – that helps in building muscle as well as strengthening bones – for at least an hour on a daily basis. For instance, your kid can skip rope, go swimming or jogging, swing on the playground bars, take martial arts classes or play some sport that involves running around continuously such as basketball or soccer. Some of the basic strength training exercises that are an integral part of physical education classes in school form the base of a bootcamp circuit workout that is designed especially for kids.

Selecting the best Fitness Bootcamp for your kid

Finding the best Fitness Bootcamp for your Children

Finding the best Fitness Bootcamp for your Children

While selecting the best fitness bootcamp for kids for your child, you need to keep a few pointers in mind. Since the style of fitness bootcamp exercises varies slightly from one teacher to another, you should make sure that the teacher who is in charge of the boot camp has extensive experience in working with kids. He or she should be a qualified trainer who is amicable with kids but at the same time a tough taskmaster who is able to motivate the child to push himself or herself physically without the risk of a burn out.

Ideally, a kid’s fitness bootcamp teacher should have worked at a children’s fitness center or been a sports coach at school. Furthermore, the trainer should make himself or herself available to the participants for 10-15 minutes before and after every session and must be an expert on nutrition as well. It is best to opt for such a boot camp program for kids that offers a free trial session and which has already become popular due to word of mouth publicity by healthy children and happy parents.

 Evaluating the workout circuit of your Fitness Bootcamp

Fitness Bootcamp Workouts can be Fun

Fitness Bootcamp Workouts can be Fun

You should also evaluate the workout circuit of a fitness bootcamp for children before deciding to enroll your kid in it. Ideally, the circuit should include a mix of some light cardiovascular exercise such as running, hiking or obstacle training and moderate strength training such as working out with light dumb bells or exercise bands. To add to it, it would be a huge bonus if a particular workout circuit includes some elements of stretching and relaxing exercises as well such as yoga or Pilates. This will promote both physical and psychological fitness of your child. By enrolling your child in a fitness bootcamp for kids, you can not only improve his or her health but introduce him or her to a healthy way of life as well.

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2 Responses to Fitness Bootcamp For Kids

  1. Bradley Sands says:

    I am a heath buff and I have an eight year old child, who I want to have an awareness with being healthy and develop a healthy lifestyle. Your Fitness Bootcamp for Kids is I think one of the best way to achieve that goal.

  2. Jessica S. says:

    Children are the way of our future! It is an extremely good idea that we start teaching them how to exercise and stay in shape, so they don’t repeat our bad habits. Unfortunately, we are living in a time with high obesity ratings, and these are spilling over onto our children’s behaviors and lifestyles. When video games are more appealing then going outside, we know we have problems. Getting kids together in a way that is similar to how the military works is a fantastic idea. I bet they will love it, and doing it outside will not even make them think they are exercising. Rather, a majority of the time, they will probably be having fun as opposed to just going through the motions and exercising. Now that is a good idea!

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