Fitness Bootcamp – A Fast Way To Lose Weight?

Lose Weight at a Fitness Bootcamp

Lose Weight at a Fitness Bootcamp

Try out fitness bootcamp if you want to lose weight and get high endurance muscle strength within a short period of time. More and more people are getting obsessed with the idea of acquiring the perfect body weight. This obsession is also leading people to go for the outdoor group exercises that offer the most effective results to help them knock off those extra kilos in their body. Fitness Bootcamp workouts are the most effective exercise regimens preferred by most people nowadays as it is a combination of the conventional calisthenic and body weight training with interval and strength workouts.

Fitness Bootcamp exercises for best results

Fitness Bootcamp exercises are considered to produce the best desired results when it comes to losing weight as a person taking up this form of exercise uses his entire body during the workout. Heart and muscles are used during the workout by going from one exercise type to another, thereby leaving no time for an individual to take rest.

Different kinds of workouts are involved in the bootcamp workout, ranging from the calisthenics like jumping jacks, pushups, crunches and other body weight exercises. However, the intensity at which these different workouts are performed may differ. The key challenge of the person performing the fitness bootcamp is to push the body harder and take it to the higher limits. More that you work out, more you will sweat and the best part is that you would lose more calories with it.

Different styles of fitness bootcamp exercises

Get in Shape - at a Fitness Bootcamp

Get in Shape - at a Fitness Bootcamp

There are different styles of bootcamp exercises and most of them are designed to make people push their body harder. Individuals opting for this type of outdoor exercise would need to do a lot of push ups and run sprints. Performing diverse forms of plyometric and interval training with no rest or little relaxation time between exercises involved in this workout helps people to burn lot of calories. The schedule for this workout can range from 4 to 8 week classes depending upon the amount of the weight you would want to lose and the intensity of the exercise one prefers to follow.

Popularity of the bootcamp has soared in the last few years. Fitness freaks and people with the desire to lose the flab are going in for this form of training as it is cost-effective, challenging, fun and produces desired results within a very short span of time. However, this kind of rigorous exercise regimen is not meant for everyone as only those with the right instructor and the strong will to continue with equal intensity can get quick results. Busy professionals can fit this in their hectic schedule and do it anywhere as it does not require high-tech gym equipment.

Fitness bootcamp should best be performed in a group environment by creating a supportive small community of like-minded people. Exercises should be done in an open space like a park. There are different types of boot camps designed keeping in mind a specific fitness goal or the requirements of a specialized class. Instructors are cashing on the popularity of the fitness bootcamp and holding special sessions for kids, women, brides and sports person to meet their specific weight loss needs.

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2 Responses to Fitness Bootcamp – A Fast Way To Lose Weight?

  1. Kristie Langdon says:

    After seeing the videos in the Fitness Bootcamp, I would agree 101% that it is the fastest way to lose weight! Not only that, with Fitness Bootcamp, you get to have fun, socialize, and learn the process of teamwork! Fitness Bootcamp is totally the way to go!

  2. Sharon Lee says:

    I think it seems pretty straightforward: work out = lose weight. While the formula may be a little bit more complicated then that, it is essentially the truth from what I can tell. A lot of people lose weight when they go to the gym, and even people are able to lose weight while working out at home. I don’t think fitness bootcamp is going to work for everyone, some people need to take it slower. But, for many people, I am certain that bootcamp training will be an excellent idea and maybe something they have not thought of either!

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