Fitness Bootcamp – Military Style. Are They For You?

Fitness Bootcamp Military Style

Fitness Bootcamp Military Style

If you are after a workout that is extremely high intense, to help you remain physically fit, then a military fitness bootcamp could be what you need. Through these workouts not only are you going to find yourself losing weight but also they will help to strengthen your body. Plus they will improve your cardio vascular system as well as improving your body’s flexibility, endurance and balance.

These type of fitness bootcamps are much more vigorous and require you to work at a much faster pace, with very little time to stop and rest between each workout. In fact you are required to go from one workout to another to ensure that your heart rate is kept up.

But as with any type of workout you need to make sure that you do rest at times when your body tells you to. The signs that will clearly indicate to you that you are actually over doing it are feeling dizzy or lightheaded or feeling nauseous.

Although it is best to attend a military fitness bootcamp you can continue the workout shown to you by the instructors in the comfort of your own home. This is because there is very little equipment required in order to perform the exercises involved.

Of course as there so many people now advertising that they can provide a military fitness bootcamp program how do you know which are the best. Below are some things to look for to ensure that the bootcamp you choose is the best.

Fitness Bootcamp Military Style - The right choice for you?

Fitness Bootcamp Military Style - The right choice for you?

1. Find out what sort of certification the instructors have received. Ideally you want ones that have undergone the training that specifically allows them to provide instruction revolving around a fitness bootcamp program. There are a number of associations that such people can now join where they can gain certification through and select these bootcamps to join.

2. Not only should you make sure that the certifications that the instructors have are up to date, but also the businesses insurance as well. Generally what you will find is that when it comes to insurance such businesses need to have the public liability type arranged which requires renewing every year. Ask the person who runs a military fitness bootcamp to show you the insurance policy. Plus take down the insurance companies details and contact them to confirm that the policy is current.

Military Fitness Bootcamp can be a tough choice

Military Fitness Bootcamp can be a tough choice

3. Before you sign up to any classes do some research into the bootcamp you are considering joining. Along with asking current participants for their views, don’t be afraid to contact people who have participated in it before. Plus go online and type into search engines the business name and see what results you get. What you should never do is rely solely on what the instructors tell you.

4. Finally of course another thing to do before you sign up to any military fitness bootcamp is to see the instructors in action. Although this may not be possible, if you can it will really help you to see if working with the instructors at these bootcamps is right for you or not.

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One Response to Fitness Bootcamp – Military Style. Are They For You?

  1. Jeff Kline says:

    I am an ex-Marine, and while I have let myself go to some degree (having a wife and kids doesn’t exactly do wonders for your health or body form), I have recently been very interested in finding some exercise routines that seem like they could be similar to the old days I spent training. Granted, I know a few tricks and exercises I could use on my own, but the comradery was always the best part about being in the Marines. The idea of fitness bootcamp is a very cool one to me, because it is more about the comradery then simply doing bland exercises. Even boring exercises can be fun if you are doing them with other people. I’ve been reading through your blog here for a good 20 minutes and have been learning a lot about this unique exercise regimen. If I can find one going on locally, I will definitely be joining the ranks, so to speak.

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