Fitness Bootcamp – How To Plan And Organize One

Organize a fitness bootcamp

Organize a fitness bootcamp

A well planned fitness bootcamp can be great fun, both for the participants as well as the organizers. In order to ensure that the physical program you plan has maximum physical benefits and fun quotient while maintaining the requisite safety parameters a few aspects will have to be catered for at the planning stage itself.

Before starting out to organize a fitness bootcamp you will have to acquire a thorough understanding of the psychology of the clients you intent to enroll into the program. There are different kinds of people with different reasons to attend such a training program. While some people understand the fact that their fitness state and weight are a direct result of their own carelessness, others blame external factors for their situation. The former type are more willing to take steps to get fitter whereas the later type of people will require extra amount of coercing in the camp to get moving. Some people are happy with the ribbons and certificates that they receive from such programs, while others believe in using the camp to achieve better fitness standards. Thus while offering mere awards and dog tags will suffice for some clients, others will demand a more visibly better physical shape by the end of the program. All these considerations will help you organize a program that will not only be good for the fitness state of the attendees but will also make them feel proud for having gone through the program.

Fitness Bootcamp - A way to help people

Fitness Bootcamp - A way to help people

Another important aspect of planning a fitness bootcamp is to customize it for varying levels of physical fitness with specific goals defined to be achieved by the end of it. Theme camps such as ‘bridal fitness bootcamp’ or ‘Pre enlistment shape up program’ will find more takers. Advertise what you intend to help the clients achieve through the fitness regime that you have planned. An orientation session before the actual camp to familiarize the clients with the schedule and other facilities at the camp will go a long way in making them comfortable with your plans. During the orientation you can discuss the short and long term goals with the clients so as to schedule the regime as per their specific needs.

Support through a fitness bootcamp

Support through a fitness bootcamp

One of the most important aspect of planning out a great and effective fitness bootcamp is to organize adequate safety precautions into the schedule so as to avoid any of the clients being over stressed. The sequence, timing and duration of each activity has to be planned in consultation with experienced trainers or preferably with military trainers who have organized many such programs during their service tenure. Each individual must be watched carefully during the course of the training for signs of fatigue or stress. Organize some sort of check up on a regular basis to measure progress as well as detect imminent heath problems. A handy medical kit and trained para medical personnel are mandatory ingredients of all such programs.

Spring is the ideal time to organize any fitness bootcamp as most people will be eager for outdoor physical activities after a long spell of indoor confinement and weight gaining diets of winters.

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2 Responses to Fitness Bootcamp – How To Plan And Organize One

  1. Jessica Barming says:

    As a mother of two, losing weight has been a struggle for me. I tried going to the gym, I tried personal trainer, all of it delivered short-term results. The extra pounds come back. I hated it. However, when I tried Fitness Bootcamp classes it was great! My friends and I have fun losing weight; we motivate and support each other, not just in the physical level, but in emotional as well, which I believe is the key in committing to a healthy lifestyle. I am so happy to have come across your site that is all about fitness boot camp, you just created a voice to a very great cause!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Personally, I think there is a time and a place for the gym. I mean, comparing gym workouts to bootcamp training sessions isn’t really a fair comparison, as the amount of work each requires is different. I think the best exercise routine would be mixing both standard gym workouts with fitness bootcamp sessions scattered throughout. This definitely can trick your body and help you see results very easily. You’re body often can get accustomed to working out at the gym, so occasionally throwing in some intense training like what you can find in a bootcamp session is definitely a good idea.

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